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Welcome to Here you will find some information for visitors and our privacy policy.

Third-party services on the website

Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel are used on this site to see if anyone visits and to improve the user experience of the website.


All material on this website is protected by copyright. (The following in not a legal statement but an attempt to spread some general understanding: as long as you are not doing it for commercial or some malicious purposes or editing the comic, you can share my comic on your own private social media, blog or other channels, if you just make sure the original author and website address remain visible or are mentioned.)

Contact information

If you contact me through the website contact form, you naturally need to leave your contact information. Your information will only be used to answer your questions. Your contact data will be retained indefinitely after this but you can ask it to be deleted any time.


If you choose to subscribe to Almost Monthly Newsletter, you need to give your contact information as well. Your contact information will not be given to third parties or used for any other purposes than sending you the Almost Monthly Newsletter. If you ever feel like opting out of receiving e-mails, you can easily do this any time just by notifying me at