Co-operation comic with Plan International Finland

19th of March 2021,
  • News

Plan International Finland is currently recruiting volunteers to help to organize the International Day of the Girl in October.

Since Almost True Stories’ comic story “Safety In blankets” had lately pondered what to do when the world seems scary (Is the only option to hide in bed until the world gets better? Definitely not!), I was asked if I could make a comic about volunteer work to spread the word about it on social media.

I found this an inspiring task, so I dove into the topic, developed several ideas and made some sketches. Then I chose three different ideas to take further to more detailed drawings.

After this the Plan team checked the ideas out and discussed them – I was happy to hear they were all liked. In an online-meeting we chose this one to be the final comic:

Read the English version here. Translating any message, let alone a joke can be quite a challenge. Luckily, both weltschmerz and navel-gazing are concepts known in Finnish as well as in English.

To summarize, this was a great project and I was really glad to get positive feedback both on social media and from Plan. It would be wonderful if in the future  my characters Uma & Leo could continue to speak for important matters.

If you are interested in co-operation or using custom made comics in marketing or communicationread more here.

And hey, the most important thing – please consider volunteering – it’s a meaningful way to impact our world. After all, we are all just one person until we work together! You can read more about volunteering on Plan’s webpage.