Almost Monthly Newsletter – subscribe or not?

19th of September 2020,
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Some information about the mailing list for those who ponder.

I loved having pen pals as a teen, so I thought it would be fun to have a newsletter. Everyone seems to have one these days, right? I don’t know yet what I’ll post. Mostly nothing, if Almost Trues Stories or my book projects (like Kalmanperho fantasy trilogy) has nothing going on.

But if there is, as a subscriber you will

  • stay tuned (whatever that means, somebody please tell me)
  • read news about Almost True Stories and my writing projects before everyone else
  • get extra comics or drawings every now and then if I have some fun material I want to share

How often will it be sent?

”Almost monthly” means there is no strict schedule. I might send it more often sometimes if there are interesting things going on. But I hate constant spam so that is out of the question.


How about security?

I know nowadays everyone is a bit worried where their e-mail addresses and such personal data might end up. So I naturally take good care of all the contact information. It will not be given to third parties or used for any other purposes than sending you the Almost Monthly Newsletter.  If you ever feel like opting out of receiving e-mails, you can easily do this any time just by notifying me at

So, join the fun and subscribe: