How to live a good life? How to survive all the shi– challenges that hit the fan every now and then?

Honestly, no idea. But I think sharing some of that confusing stuff and looking at it from a humorous angle may be worth a try.

And that’s what this comic is. Welcome aboard!

Who is who?


An adventurous dreamer who seeks a balanced, meaningful and hassle-free life, but ends up wrestling with her complexes, goals and surprising twists of fate in quite a chaotic manner.


A realist optimist who dreams about having a street credible lumberjack beard and an outdoorsy life. He pretty much hates outdoors though, and has no visible facial hair.

Goblin the Cat

Knows how to cat. Knows very little about anything else. But that’s ok, for she is a good listener and very fluffy. She often cheers Uma and Leo up.


How can I contact you?

With this easy contact form or by e-mailing ulpu@almosttruestories.com.

How is the comic Almost True Stories made?

It all starts with an idea and a sketch. (Or several sketches to take the idea further). Then I scan my drawings and ink them with a drawing software called Krita. If you want to know more about the creative process, you can read my blog.

Why is the world so unpredictable and confusing?

I know, right!? Haven’t got to the bottom of that yet. I’ll definitely inform everyone I can (at least folks I can reach via my mailing list and Almost Monthly Newsletter) if I ever find any Big Answers. Or small ones. Or even a tiny clue. In the meantime I suggest you don’t hold your breath. It’s not good for you. But here’s a fluffy cat, I hope it helps: